Overwater Bungalows Jamaica

When you envision your perfect honeymoon, what do you picture? A gorgeous turquoise ocean, only matched by clear blue skies? A villa exclusively to yourselves? A verandah for relaxing and easy access to the ocean at all times? If that sounds like your idea of paradise, then it’s clear an overwater bungalow is an ideal destination for your luxury honeymoon.

These wonderful little villas are precisely what their name implies. A bungalow is a small villa and the overwater variety is perched right over the water, accessed by a walkway from the beach. Because the bungalows are often set apart by an expanse of sparkling water, you’ll enjoy more privacy than you otherwise would have; you’ll hardly see your neighbors and for most of us on our honeymoons, that’s precisely what we like the best. In a world of crowded beaches and thin hotel room walls, the private and luxurious nature of an overwater bungalow is something to strive for.

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Generally, if you’re anxious to spend a lot of time in the water, this type of accommodation will suit you best. You’ll have direct access to the ocean from your deck and are free to spend as much time there as you’d like with no limitations and no people to swim around. Snorkeling is the perfect use of your time as you’ll be able to delve deeper and explore further than you might normally. Overwater bungalows are best for the people who love to live in the water. Some overwater bungalows also incorporate glass bottoms in places, so you’ll be able to sit above the water and watch the waves go by without getting wet yourself. Others have private plunge pools so you can relax in the water without getting into the ocean.

Overwater bungalows aren’t suited to those who really enjoy the beach because you’re literally stepping down to the water without any sandy encounters at all. If you don’t mind missing sand between your toes and in every possible crevice, you should be just fine. Because of their exclusive and somewhat limited nature, an overwater bungalow will be more expensive than an ordinary resort room or villa and may be even smaller. That’s because you’re paying in part for an experience and overwater bungalows are by nature more in demand than ordinary resort rooms, which can scale up as necessary.

Since overwater bungalows jamaica are located in some of the most desirable honeymoon destinations, it’s a great idea to mix them up with a second destination or some island hopping. If only so much peace and seclusion suits you, try heading somewhere with more history. Jamaica has a fantastic range of overwater bungalows but also has a very interesting culture that you can explore in more depth on the mainland. If you’re still just after the beach, switch it up with a different island and resort.